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Referrals & Discount Codes

Game of Sultans

Referral Code for Rewards: 2gz6wg39rte22

You gain: 100 Diamonds, 1 New Vizier’s Clothes, 1 New Vizier’s Hat, 1 New Vizier Rings, 1 Vigot Orb, 1 Energy Orb, 1 Vitality Orb, 1 Amulet

How to redeem:

  1. Open the game. On the right of your screen you will find a button with gifts and balloons that says Benefits. Press that.
  2. On the new screen that opens, choose Invite Friends – the third of the 4 choices on top.
  3. Within the Invite Friends window, press Accept.
  4. Enter our Referral Code.
  5. Press Claim.
  6. You are done and the rewards are yours!

Guild Wars 2

Account For Donations: AJBlack.1520

We are very grateful for any donations sent and will make sure to honor your donations on our forums under Guild Wars 2 donations and in our monthly thank you notes.

This account accepts donations of in-game items as well as gem store items. Items will be used for the growth of the community, not for personal benefit.

How to donate in-game items:

  1. Pick up whatever item you wish to send in your inventory.
  2. Open a New Mail and enter AJblack.1520 or Alice Jaelyn Black in the recipient window.
  3. Drag the item you wish to send into the item box, or type in the amount of gold.
  4. Press Send.

How to donate items from the Gem Store:

  1. Open the Trading Post and navigate to the Gem Store.
  2. Find the item you wish to gift.
  3. Purchase the item as a gift and enter your name and optionally a note so we know who it is from.
  4. Confirm.

You are done!

Wurm Online

Account For Referrals: Ajblack

How to refer:

  1. Open the game. You must be logged in on a character that has had premium time for at least one month.
  2. Type /referrals
  3. Enter the name Ajblack in the tab where you set your referrer.
  4. Set Ajblack as your referrer.
  5. You are done and Ajblack will be able to see that you referred to her! The rewards gained from the referral will be used for community purpose only. Your contribution will be mentioned on our forums in the Wurm Online donations section and in our monthly thank you notes.


Support us on Patreon:

By supporting us, you help us permanently achieve our goals and grow ever better.


If you are not a fan of monthly donations, that is completely understandable. You can send us donations to – please send them as friends & family so that we don’t have to pay fees on it.

Will there be more in the future?

Yes. As our community expands, we will be able to offer you an increasing number of benefits.