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The Wurmian IceWind Day 2019

The Ice King has chosen their Ice Wurm 2019: Madnath

Qualified Members for Ice Wurm Title:
1. Warlander
2. No Participants
3. Madnath

The screenshot contest has been won by Warlander. The shot can be found in the gallery. It will not be included here, as Warlander has decided to take his leave and is eliminated from the challenge.

The short story challenge had 0 participants and thus no winner was determined.

1. Shiny as diamonds, glowing like rares, red like a laser it randomly airs. What am I? – Rift Beam -> Winner: Madnath
2. In myself a contradiction, requiring your conviction. Do not destroy against my will, or faith and priesthood I will kill. Who am I? – Vynora -> Winner: Gorefiend
3. I used to be paper, but now I’m a stick. Replaced running to traders when found spots to pick. What am I? – Deed Stake -> Winner: Madnath
4. I’m found in one’s pocket, and help when I’m tossed. Don’t leave me too long or I will get lost. What am I? – Tent -> Winner: Archaed
5. I lead your way to one of the special places. I show you directions to this year’s graces. What am I? – Santa Beam -> Winner: Madnath
6. I once created a world of wonder, a magical place, full of lightning and thunder. A world that was shaped by everyone in it, a world full of beauty that grew bit by bit. Who am I? – Rolf -> Winner: Madnath
7. I mostly get killed for some stupid god’s mission, however there’s some who bring me into submission. What am I? – Champion Whales -> Winner: Madnath
8. My addition has since caused a lot of fuss, people say rude things when they aim to discuss. But I’m never going away again, so you all may as well just take it like men. – New Fishing System -> Winner: Madnath
9. Once upon a time I was placed in bags and in pans. The devs though have killed me via decay plans. – Fountains -> Winner: Madnath





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