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UCLG – To Revive Dear Memories in Classic Tyria and Complete the Hall of Monuments

Uncanny Legion Guild for Guild Wars 1 was founded in July 2019 by Alice Jaelyn Black as a safe spot to relive all the revered memories of the time spent in Tyria in the good ol’ days, command heros, combine skills of more than one profession, and not to worry about jumping, flying and swimming at all. Apart from that, UCLG [GW1] acts as a beachhead for our members in Guild Wars 2 who strive to complete the Hall of Monuments achievements, including the timelessly popular “God Walking Among Mere Mortals”-title. We are constantly looking for players who want to focus on leading activities in Guild Wars 1 as well as Guild Wars 2 players who want to add the past to their lives.


Unity & Perseverance

``We are lucky to be in this together, my friend. Together, we will go far.`` Koss, Sunspear Warrior (and sometimes a tad overenthusiastic)


Reason & Passion

``I generally avoid temptation... unless I can't resist it.`` Livia, Shining Blade Necromancer (and one hell of a ... philosopher)

Courage & Respect

``The very definition of a hero is one who is afraid... and goes on.`` Dunkoro, Sunspear Monk (and a prudent man)


Guild Capes: Yes We Have Capes!!! Wear them with pride for they represent the Legion!


Guild Hall: To Be Acquired


Member Count: ~10+ **Guild Leader: Alice Jaelyn Black** *Officers: 1*

Guild Leader

Alice Jaelyn Black

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Proud Owners Of *Guild Wars 1 - Active Players & Nostalgia*


  • Sylvana Sorrowblade