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Triple Mission Success!

PvE Guild Mission – Bounty [Easy Weekly], PvE Guild Mission – Trek [PvE Opportunity][Easy Weekly], PvE Guild Mission – Trek [PvE Opportunity][Medium]

Killing Brekkabek in Kessex Hills was only the beginning of our victorious mission round this week. For the first time ever we have had the opportunity to get 3 PvE missions after unlocking the second Easy Weekly slot by reaching level 10, and I must say, our members killed it! Not just did they find and annihilate the bounty target, but also the trek mystery targets within an extremely short time. We are proud to announce that this week earned us 1100 Favor!!!

Below: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY! Not quite, but the springer made a great combo in this amazing shot with the Skyscale in our guild hall!


LOTTERY WINNER WEEK #6 – thebmd.1956

Prize: Dominator Torch Skin

Lottery Participation Prizes Celebrating Uncanny Legion Network’s 1st Anniversary: Rare Dyes for all participants! 🙂 



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