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Impossible Dreamers

Today something absolutely astonishing happened: The seven year old Deliverance alliance Impossible Dreamers has joined the Legion! Together we now form a bi-server Wurm Online alliance with members from Xanadu, our first server, and Deliverance, our new addition. With both alliances combined, we reach over 100 involved deeds at this moment, and are excited beyond words to welcome and get to know all our new members and, hopefully soon, friends.

We are joining together using Discord, and any of you who might be interested in joining can use this link here to come visit us:

With VelvetSun as the leader of the Deliverance alliance and AJBlack as the leader of the Xanadu alliance, we hope to be able to work together to create and maintain something very unique.

Here is a link to our joint recruitment thread on the Wurm Online Forums:

We mark down this day, the 29th of July 2019, as the day the Impossible happened and the Dreamers became Uncanny and joined the Legion. It shall henceforth be the Day of Uncanny Dreaming and celebrated annually as the anniversary of this amazing event. 

May much good follow this day and may many find new friends among our new extended community.


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  • Sun
    July 29, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    Awesome <3

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