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UCLG Independence Charter

Only one day after the astonishing events of the Impossible Dreamers alliance becoming one with us, we are able to expand to yet another server! LumpyGravy, also known as Psmaster or, to me, Grumpy, has made the decision to leave his alliance and create an Independence alliance for the Legion today! Combined, we now forum a multi-server Wurm Online alliance with members from Xanadu, our first server, Deliverance, our second server, and Independence, our latest addition. We do not instantly gain a ton of deeds with this expansion, but we are looking forward to seeing this new alliance develop. We have already made friends with the existing new deeds and look forward to meeting their new recruits!

We are joining together using Discord, and any of you who might be interested in joining can use this link here to come visit us:

With LumpyGravy as the leader of the Independence alliance, VelvetSun as the leader of the Deliverance alliance, and AJBlack as the leader of the Xanadu alliance, we hope to be able to work together to create and maintain something very unique.

Here is a link to our joint recruitment thread on the Wurm Online Forums:

We mark down this day, the 30th of July 2019, as the day the Legion joined the ancient heights and depths of Independence. It shall henceforth be the Day of Uncanny Wurmopendence and celebrated annually as the anniversary of this amazing event. 

May much good follow this day and may many find new friends among our new extended community.


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