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Strength of the Zephyrites

Thanks to the few people who do guild missions with us!

With a tiny team we earned 1900 Favor for the guild. Another great achievement!

Our second raid went a lot better and we went below half on the boss! Here are the rewards for last week’s raid participants:

  • ereschkigal.8520 – (rare) Lightning-Touched Zephyrite Gloves
  • greedalicious.7839 – (exotic) Assassin’s Pearl Blunderbuss
  • raven.3859 – (rare) Air-Filtration Device of Antitoxin
  • hexe.3524 – (exotic) Carrion Pearl Crusher
  • deadshot.5216 – (exotic) Berserker’s Soft Wood Short Bow of Chilling
  • thebmd.1956 – (exotic) Knight’s Pearl Blunderbuss
  • tyger.9028 – (exotic) Legionnaire Mace

Below: STRENGTH OF THE ZEPHYRITES – Thanks to Fumiz for this awesome shot!


LOTTERY WINNER WEEK #19 – GodPain.2540

Prize: Soaring Shield Skin


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